DBIT Journal of Science and Engineering


Don Bosco Institute of Technology is migrating its offline journal submission to Online submission process. We are publishing the Journal since 2010 yearly once. We have already published the 5th edition of the Journal, and are currently working towards the sixth edition.The paper submission for this edition will be an online process.

Scope and Objective

The DBIT Journal of Science and Engineering is anĀ open access peer reviewed multi-disciplinary platform to deliverĀ information online to all professionals and expertise involved in basic and/or applied engineering research. It will fulfil this role by publishing a range of peer-reviewed original or extended papers, including: research papers, reviews and communication. It aims to attract and solicit original applied undergraduate research papers in the areas of science and engineering with special emphasis on the most current topics of interest to the associated research communities.

As the Journal is international in scope, papers dealing with state-of-the-art developments in various nations, or comparative studies of engineering fields will be accepted. The journal explores the dynamics of Research & Development (R&D) under a wide perspective, including not only an emphasis on dissemination of research findings, but also on policy-making and economic growth. The journal will also serve as an effective platform for the promotion of scientific exchange between active scientists and engineers for the benefit of the society & environments.

As far as the criteria for evaluating and accepting submissions are concerned, a rigorous review process will be used. Submitted papers will, prior to the formal review, be screened so as to ensure their suitability, authenticity and adequacy to the journal. In addition, an initial quality control will be performed, so as to ensure matters such as language, style of references and others, comply with the layout of the journal.

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